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Historical List of HALL Officers

Houston Area Law Librarians (HALL) Officers, 1973-2007 was published in the 2006 July/August issue of the HALL Newsletter. Compiled and edited from the HALL Archives by Mark Lambert, Archivist, South Texas College of Law. The officer listing is annually updated on the HALL Website.

No officers identified in August 1, 1973 Membership Directory.        
Directory produced by Catherine A. Porter, Vinson & Elkins. 

No officers identified in August 1, 1974 Membership Directory
Directory produced by Catherine A. Porter, Vinson & Elkins. 

No officers identified in August, 1975 Membership Directory
Directory produced by Sandra Young, Bracewell & Patterson. 

 No sources available. 

No officers identified in July, 1977 Membership Directory
Directory producer not indicated. 

No officers identified in July, 1978 Membership Directory
Directory produced by Fulbright & Jaworski. 

No officers identified in June, 1979 Membership Directory
Officer positions identified in the By-laws: 
Program Coordinator
Membership Officer
Finance Officer 

Chairperson: Martha Nash 
Program Coordinator: Roberta Shaffer 
Finance Officer: Margaret Carteron 
Membership Officer: Sally Langston 
Placement Officer: Jane Holland 
(Source: January 1981 Membership Directory

 President: Roberta Shaffer 
VP/Pres.-Elect: Susan Mims 
Secretary: Donna Joity 
Treasurer: Margaret Carteron 
(Source: January 1982 Membership Directory)

President: Susan Mims Yancey 
VP/Pres.-Elect: Melissa Colbert 
Secretary: Jo Kovach 
Treasurer: Paula Nordin 
(Source: January 1983 Membership Directory

President: Karl Gruben 
VP/Pres.-Elect: Helen Burwell 
Secretary: Sally Langston 
Treasurer: T. L. Maulsby 
(Source: January 1984 Membership Directory

President: Helen Burwell 
VP/Pres.-Elect: Everdeen Leverenz Tree 
Secretary: Lea Black 
Treasurer: Loretta Pitts 
Members-at-Large: Genel Moran, Alice Flusser 
(Source: 3 HALL NEWSL. 1 (May/June 1984)) 

President: Everdeen Leverenz Tree 
VP/Pres.-Elect: Linda Will 
Secretary: Genel Moran 
Treasurer: Nano Scherrieb 
(Source: August 1985 Membership Directory

No officers identified in April 1987 MembershipDirectory.      
President: Linda Will 
(Source: 5 HALL NEWSL. 3 (Fall/Winter 1987)) 

President: T. L. Maulsby 
VP/Pres.-Elect: Jane Holland 
Secretary: Genel Moran 
Treasurer: Nano Scherrieb 
Past President: Linda Will 
Members-At-Large: Carolyn Korkmas, Colleen Pincumbe 
(Source: April 1988 Membership Directory

President: Jane Holland 
VP/Pres.-Elect: Paula Howe 
Secretary: Alice Flusser 
Treasurer: Cynthia Montalvo 
Past-President: T. L. Maulsby 
Members-At-Large: John Eichstadt, Monica Ortale 
(Source: March 1989 Membership Directory)

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